How to Bowl a Perfect Strike

Bowling Strikes- Tips for bowling the perfect strike


Either you are a casual bowler or a serious bowler, there is nothing like seeing all those ten pins disappearing from the bowling lane. You have tried by your heart and soul to improve your bowling performance. You have joined a league and also bought your own pair of bowling shoes from the best brands. But still you are not winning the game. Sad… isn’t it?

If you are trying to upgrade your bowling skills. Did a lot of readings, practice and took advice from senior players who bowl strike frequently. But still you are struggling to get a strike, then these tips will definitely help you to increase your bowling performance as well as bowl the perfect strike.


Finding Your Perfect Starting Position

It is very important to note down your starting position to find out the best starting position for you. To find your strike ball, you need to find your start position first.  Start by lining your left shoe with the middle point or dot on the approach. Based on your bowling style, place your right foot one wherever you find comfort. If you are left handed bowler just do the opposite things.


Be flexible

Be flexible, as you may bowl in different lanes. Why? Because bowling lanes are oiled and the amount of oil spread in one lane is different from another. Changes in oil pattern will cause break in your ball differently. So prepare yourself for different approaches.


Find the target Spot and Keep Your Focus

The key to a consistent strike is to find your target spot. The goal is to have your ball roll directly towards the target spot. This spot is usually a straight line between one-pin and three-pin. For the lefty bowlers, it’s between one-pin and two-pin. Your pins are your target but don’t use your full focus on them. Try to throw your ball on the outer side lane as it will give your more traction down the entire lane because most of the oils are spread over in the middle lane.


Choose a Lighter BallBowling a Strike

It is very fun to see pins flying in the air when a heavy bowl hits the pins hard. But if you want to bowl a perfect strike consistently then consider using a lighter ball. Bowling strike is much more rewarding then sho
wing up strength by using an 18 pound ball. Many pro bowlers have started using 14.5 to 15 pound balls. Why?? Because it is easy to bowl a strike with a lighter ball.


Make Adjustments in Your Approach

Just before the foul line, there are 3 lane of dots that parallel the lane. Use one of these dots to line up your approach. The one you will chose will be determined by the number of steps you will take before releasing the ball. Over time you will find your best striking position.  Just keep your focus and practice. Over time you will realize what needs to be adjusted. If you are missing left, start from a bit left on your approach. Move right, if you’re missing right. Try it, you will surely get your striking ball.


Monitor Your Shot

Note down whatever happens. Either you hit the pocket, you miss left or right. Note down by how much distance you missed. Pay closer attention to the movement of your ball and note it down too.  By taking notes you will know what to adjust and what not. Soon you will find your striking ball.


Use of Power Step!

The second-to-last step in your approach is your power step. This step allows your body to leverage your arm swing with an added momentum by giving you a stronger release of the bowling ball. If you are left handed, your power step will be your left foot. And if you are right handed, your right foot is your power step. Your power step leg must have a nice bend so that it can help you to slide. What out, or you may cross the foul line. Make sure that you wear your pair of best bowling shoes to get the perfect amount of slide. You can find a list of best cheap bowling shoes here.

bowling ball releasing
Release the ball at the bottom point of the swing

Use your Downward Swing

At the time of your back

swing, keep your arm straight and close to the body. Your hand should stay at your shoulder level.

While releasing the ball you have to know the proper time. If you release too early, you will lose velocity. And if you release late, it will cause the ball to bounce. Always try to release the ball at the bottom point of the swing.


Curve the Ball

To bowl strikes, you have to hit the pocket. To do it effectively you need to learn how to curve the ball. It usually takes time and a lot of practice to curve the ball effectively. Here are some tips: If you are a right handed bowler, rotate your thumbs like 10’ O’clock position at the time of releasing the ball. Make sure you release the ball at the bottom of your down swing. If you are a left handed bowler, rotate your thumb just opposite of 10 O’clock position, i.e. 2 O’clock position. This will give a spin to curve the ball.


Practice Makes a Bowler Perfect

You may have to throw the same ball several times to find your perfect striking ball. The more balls you throw, the better understand you will have. Always practice and take note of your game. Don’t rush have keep patience.


If you follow the tips, it will surely improve your bowling performance as well as striking more frequently to win your game and become a pro bowler.


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