How to Measure your Feet Size

Measuring Your Feet to Find the Perfect Size of Shoes

You are probably here because you have selected the best bowling shoes for you, but you are confused about your shoe size. Measuring your feet for shoe size isn’t a difficult job and doesn’t require any special equipment. Once you have the measurements of your feet, you can refer to the size chart of the manufacturers to find the perfect size of your bowling shoes. Because without the perfect size, the best bowling shoes will become worst shoes for you.

But keep in mind that, your feet is three dimensional.  And most of the size charts are two dimensional. The best way to get the perfect fit of your bowling shoes is to wear them on. If you are planning to buy your bowling shoes online, it is best to buy it from Amazon as you can change the shoe if it doesn’t fit you perfectly.

So, in order to measure your feet, here are the things that you will need:

  1. A Chair
  2. Two pieces of paper ( Make sure they are larger than your feet)
  3. Tape
  4. Socks
  5. A pencil or a pen
  6. Measuring tape or a ruler

Once you have arranged all the materials mentioned above. Now follow the below mentioned steps to find the measurement of your feet.

  • First Tape the paper to the floor. Tape at the ends of the paper so that the paper doesn’t move.
  • Put on your socks as you will wear your bowling shoes with socks on. Now sit one the chair and put one of your feet firmly to the floor and slightly bent your legs so that the shin is just in front of the ankle.
  • Now trace an outline of your foot, holding the pencil vertical and upright to the paper.
  • Don’t hold it at an angel as you will trace under your feet resulting an inaccurate measurement. If possible ask a friend of yours or your bowling mate to trace your feet for you.
  • Once the tracing is done, use your pencil or pen to mark the widest and longest part of your feet.
  • Now use a measuring tape or ruler to measure the length in inches. Don’t round up your markings rather use the closest 16th
  • Write your measurement down and repeat this process on the other feet.
  • Most of the people ignores the width because actual shoe sizes are based on length. But in order to find narrow or wide shoes, it is important to know the width.
  • Use the largest of the measurement that you find to determine your shoe size. For example if your right foot is 1/3 of inch longer than your left foot. Then go for the size of your right foot. Same thing applies for determining the measurement of the width of your feet.
  • Once you have the length and width, deduct 1/5 of an inch from each of those numbers. These final numbers are the actual measurement of your shoes.

Now look at the following Charts to find out your shoe size.

Men’s Shoe Size and Width Chart

Size chart for mens shoe
Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Women’s Shoe Size and Width Chart:

Size Chart for women's shoe
Women’s Shoe Size and Width Chart

Now you have find the size of your bowling shoes. Go ahead and grab the best bowling shoes before someone else does. And if you are little bit low on budget then you may choose your pair of shoes from these best cheap bowling shoes.

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