Reasons to Buy Your Own Bowling Shoes

After reading this, you will never want to rent bowling shoes again


The interesting thing about bowling is that, when you go to bowling you pay a few dollars for couple of games and also a few dollars to rent shoes if you don’t have your own. But you can use a bowling ball from the rack for free. If you have never bought any bowling shoes before then you may find it very difficult to find the best bowling shoes. But why do you even have to buy your own pair of bowling shoes when you can rent it from the bowling alley? Below I am mentioning few tips that will help you to decide if you want your very own pair of one of the best bowling shoes or you are more than happy to rent shoes from the bowling alley.


Keep Yourself Clean

The bowling alleys say that they keep their rental shoes as much clean as possible. But thin

dirty shoes
A pair of dirty shoes

k yourself about the fact that, how much clean you can keep a shoe that is worn several times a day by several persons. But if you have your own pair of shoes, then you are the only person to wear them. There is no doubt about the cleanliness of the shoes. In the movie “Uncle Buck”, the stubborn teen mentions rental bowling shoes as “Rent a foot Disease”. So you can easily understand that it is better to have your own bowling shoes if you want to maintain cleanliness. Still confused to buy one? Try these cheap bowling shoes before buying the pro or best bowling shoes for ultimate performance.


Reduce Your Chance of Tripping

Without proper fit shoes, you increase your chance of tripping over yourself and cause minor or serious injuries. Also your feet may hurt just because of improper fit shoes. Bowling centers have various numbers of shoes for rental. But are those numbers accurate? Because these shoes are worn by hundreds of people for weeks or even years. So you should buy a pair of bowling shoes with the best fit. Also keep in mind that a great shoe fit helps you to give more concentration to your game rather than worrying about tripping. If you want to find the best bowling shoes that just fits perfectly, read this article about how to measure your feet to find the perfect size.


Eliminate Inconveniences

If you don’t have your own pair of bowling shoes, then you will have to go to the counter, try three or four different sizes of shoes to find a pair that fits closely to your size. Besides if you rent shoes from the alley then you will have to give your shoes as collateral. These are minor inconveniences but add them all up over a time then you will understand how much convenient it is to owing your own pair of shoes.


Monetary Benefit

Most of the bowling centers charge approximately $4 – $5 to rent shoes. Now look backwards the calendar and count how many times you rented shoes from the bowling alley last year. Suppose you rented shoes for 10 times in past 6 months and paid around $40 for renting shoes. Whereas you can buy a pair of good yet cheap bowling shoes for less than $30. Why wait choose from one of the best bowling shoes and buy them now. They will save money for the rest of your life.

dollars savings
Don’t spend your money on renting shoes


Imagine, you are used to rent bowling shoes. But now you have your very own pair of bowling shoes. What will happen when you go to bowling with your very own shoes? Once you enter in the bowling center and you will directly go to the lane. When the person at the counter asks you about renting shoes, your answer will be “No”. Ridiculous, but you will have a lot of fun for first few days.


Bowling is fun. And when you have your very own pair of best bowling shoes with you, you will enjoy the game even more. So, if you have decided to buy a pair of bowling shoes for you. Make sure to find the right fit and also take care of your shoes properly so that they can serve your purpose better for a longer period of time.


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