Health Benefits of Bowling

Some of the Spectacular Health Benefits of Bowling

If you think that bowling is a modern game then you will be amazed to know that according to some historians this game has a history of more than 3000 years with a link to Egyptian culture. While some other historians believe that Bowling Game was invented by Germans about 1500 years ago. As long as you are having fun playing the game, there is no need to go backwards for the history of the game.  25% or more U.S. People Plays bowling every year. Which makes bowling the largest participating sports of the country. U.S. has more bowling centers than any other country. So why this game is so popular? Does this sports have any health benefits?

Bowling Game doesn’t mean wearing fancy bowling shoes, or building up your arsenal. It has lots of other health benefits. Let’s find it out:


Weight Loss

In bowling there is no significant movement of the body, right? Then how can it help to lose weight? Well, bowling for a longer period of time show positive results in burning fat. The elusive movement of arms and legs helps in the proper blood circulation. Also the bowling ball is quite heavy. Lifting the ball and throw it over and over again will burn fat from the arm muscle.

Lose Wight by Bowling
Bowling Regularly Helps to Reduce Weight

Cardio Vascular Training

Many reputed authorities of the word has done research on bowling game health benefits and conclude to a point that bowling game helps to improve cardiac health. Bowling has a positive impact on reducing cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure resulting a reduced risk of stroke and heart attack. But to gain this benefit one must go to bowling alley at least once in a week and bowl for quite a few time. So, what are you waiting for, grab your pair of best bowling shoes, bag your bowling balls and hit the bowling alley.


Muscle Toning and Strength Training

In bowling game, a lot of walking needs to be done, therefore bowling helps to tone lower body muscles. Not only that, in bowling, the use of arm is extensive as the bowler have to lift the ball, which is quite heavy and then position it in the right way and finally after few steps he have to throw it on the pins. So by bowling regularly, one can easily bring a good shape to his body and can tone his body muscles.


Enjoyable Social Life

Bowling can help people to make new friends. According to a statistics of Bowling Foundation of America, approximately 2 million bowlers play bowling together in leagues and socialize each week. Besides bowling alleys is a wonderful place to meet new people or even find a date. Also bowling with friends makes the time more enjoyable.


Stress Reliever

Many people go to bowling alleys to reduce the stress of day to day life. Bowling requires intensive physical activity and it helps to reduce the stress of the body. Besides bowling helps to socialize with people during the game. It’s also acts as a mental stress reducer.


Improves Concentration

In the game of bowling, throwing the ball and hitting the pins required a good amount of hand to eye coordination. Therefore it will definitely improve your concentration level. So improving your bowling performance will definitely increase your concentration as well as hand and eye coordination.


Bowling is a sport that can be played by people of any age and gender, making it an ideal game for spending quality time with full family. As this game is not that much physical as football or basketball, even old people can play this game with you.  It is very clear that, based on the above mentioned health benefits, we can easily understand the reason why bowing is so popular in U.S.A.  So why are you waiting for? Grab your pair of best bowling shoes, wear a casual dress and hit the bowling alley. If you don’t have a pair of bowling shoes, you may choose one from these Cheap Bowling Shoes.

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