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Choosing the Best Bowling Ball

Tips for selecting the perfect bowling ball

Choosing the best bowling ball among all the balls out there can be very confusing and overwhelming.  As they come in a variety of materials and compositions now a days.  There are many things to consider- which is the best brand for bowling ball? Which material or composition should I pick? What weight of bowling ball will be perfect for me? Or how to choose the right bowling ball with the perfect hook potentiality?  Besides these, there are many others things are also needed to keep in mind.

Now, if you are a beginner then the brand will not be a factor, but bowling ball brand is a major factor for advance level bowlers just like bowling shoes. So as a beginner, one should focus on weight and composition as most of the beginner’s bowling balls is same.

Best Bowling Ball

What type of Bowling Ball should a beginner choose?

In order to answer the above question, one should ask himself whether he is learning to hook or just planning to throw it straight. The main objective of every bowler is to bowl a perfect strike.

A polyester ball, A.K.A spare ball or plastic ball is good for throwing straight. These balls usually cost less than $100 and good for anyone who loves to bowl with friend and have a custom bowling ball.

On the other hand, if you are learning how to hook, then entry level performance bowling balls will be the best bowling balls for you. These balls are one step upgraded from the polyester bowling balls and usually a bit costlier than the polyester balls and costs around $120 or less. But don’t go for buying the “Best Hooking Balls” for $200, you probably don’t need it until you are very serious about bowling and want to take it to the next level.


What is the perfect weight of a Bowling Ball?

Once to have found the perfect bowling ball type for you, now you should consider the weight of the bowling ball. This is probably the most concerned matter while buying the first bowling ball. Before choosing that, think of yourself, have you ever drilled a bowling ball just for your hand measurement? Probably not, therefore most of the people want a light bowling ball. The reason behind is that most house balls have very large finger holes with a very short spans. Which makes the user to tightly hold the bowling ball, therefore the blood stimulation in hand become affected and the ball fells heavy.  A bowling ball that is drilled with the measurement of your hand and finger will fell around 2lbs lighter than the average house balls.

The best way to find the perfect bowling ball weight is to, go to the bowling alley and pickup a few balls until you find the most comfortable one to throw. Play a game or two to find the best bowling ball. Now weight the ball and add a pound or two with the weight to find the perfect weight of your bowling ball.


What type of grip should be perfect?

At this very point, you have the decided your perfect bowling type and weight. Now you will have to decide which type of grip you will use, because without this you can’t choose your best bowling ball. Whebest bowling ballsther you want to use a conventional grip or fingertip grip. Maximum house balls are drilled for a conventional grip. This means you have put your thumb all the way into the ball and your middle & ring finger in the second knuckle.  In the fingertip grip, you have to put the thumb all the way into the ball and the middle and ring finger goes into the first knuckle.

While choosing the best bowling balls, you can take fingertip grip route. For that you may use inserts. These are plugs of the hole that comes in variety of colors and shapes to fit for individuals. So… why would you inserts? Because it helps to create more drag or friction with your thumb out of the ball and it also helps to make more rotations. In short, it helps to create more power.


Should the price of Bowling Ball is a concern?

When you are searching the best bowling ball, price is also a great concern. At present bowling ball makers utilize highly developed technologies to create overstock substance blends and the main designs. These are precisely designed to deliver stability over a wide range of styles. These variables are mentioned above are directly related to the price.  So before choosing the best bowling ball, price should be considered by learning the full specification of the bowling ball.


How to get the ball drilled?

If you want to get your bowling ball drilled, then the best option is to contact your local pro shop.  You can find a pro shop near almost every bowling alleys. The pro shop owner will watch you bowling to learn your bowling style. Because everyone has their own style of bowling and for drilling a perfect hole in the ball, one muTop Bowling Ballsst learn the style of the bowler to draw a drill layout. Next you will have to give your figure and span measure. This will simply be done by a measuring ball at the pro shop.  Once all the above things done you will get your bowling ball drilled in a day or two based on your order requirements.

Once the ball is drilled, you get the perfect bowling ball. When you will bowl using your customized drilled bowling ball, you will fell tight, but in a few games after, you will feel the difference of your bowling ball and average house balls.

Best Bowling Balls Reviews

When I went to buy my first bowling ball, I was confused like hell. And believe me, buying the best bowling ball is as difficult as buying the best bowling shoe. But thanks to some expert bowler and the internet, I finally learned a lot about how o choose the right one. There wasn’t much that I know, and still I am learning new things. I have gone through all the articles and wrote this article just to help you guys find out the Best Bowling Balls. Hopefully you will find my reviews very helpful.

Best Bowling Ball for the Beginners

Columbia 300 Freeze Hybrid

If you ask me, what is the best beginner’s bowling ball, and then I will definitely recommend Columbia 300 Freeze Hybrid.  This ball will give you solid performance in a wide range of situations when you are just started out the lanes. You don’t have to worry to switch balls during the game. The Freeze Hybrid from Columbia is a loyal friend and easy to use for any skill level players, which makes it a great no-frills choice to improve the basics of your game. freeze

Columbia 300 freeze hybrid bowling ball made a remarkable name among the bowlers for its messenger core and this ball brings that legendary core back, with some new upgrades to give a better weight distribution. Its basic design of core gives a smooth and steady roll, which allows the bowler to develop their skills.  This core design is also intended to leave room for hook shots in the future, so you can use the same ball for practice once you reach your goal.

Another most significant factor to influence a bowling ball’s performance is the coverstock, which is the outside material of the bowling ball. Freeze hybrid bowling ball is made of hybrid veneer that combines of two types of reactive resin materials in order to create a exclusive balance for the ultimate performance across the lane. The best deals of bowling shoeshybrid coverstock of this ball allows giving a good front end performance while achieving a better distance.

Best Bowling Ball with Low Hook Potential

Brunswick T-Zone Pink Bliss

If you love to ball straight then a Bowling Ball with low hook potential will be the best bowling ball for you. Beginners have to bowl straight, and bowling ball with low hook potential is more expected to stick with a straight throw rather breaking to the sides once it hits the backend of the lane. These balls are not just for beginners, but also when a bowler needs to rely on a specific path of throw.

Brunswick T-Zone Pink Bliss has a lot of features which allows decreasing the hook potenttzoneial without compromising with anything else. The major feature of this ball is its polyester coverstock. Since
the coverstock has a more identical cover, it doesn’t suck up the oils in the lane and also gains less friction when it spins. The ball is less likely to break at the backend; you can trust that it’s going to stick with the route of your throw all the way down.

Many serious bowlers like to keep this type of balls for picking the spares.  This is when you have a few stray pins left after your first throw and don’t need to worry about hitting the pocket. In this situation you can throw the ball straight to snag those points with less effort. Picking up spares with a bowling ball with high hook potential is very much difficult. So a bowling ball with low hook potential is the best option.  These type of balls are low in weight and also good for children who loves to deals of bowling balls

Best Bowling Ball for High Hook Potential

Hammer Black Widow Legendlegend

Once you start playing the game regularly and realize how tricky it can be to deal with different oil patterns or to balance in tricky splits, you will start to get a feel for your bowling style. At this point, hooking technique is very useful, so you need a ball that helps you to hit the perfect curve.  Hammer Black Widow Legend is the best bowling ball for hook and is a great choice for anyone who is familiar with the technique.

The exterior of the ball is primarily responsible for throwing a perfect hook. The hybrid coverstock of Black Widow allows it to give more control in medium and heavy oil lanes. The interesting fact about this best deals of bowling ballsone is that, it is the first ball in the line to use hybrid coverstock. It includes a factory polish, which is specially crafted to increase the friction on oiled portion of the lane and it allow the ball to hit a perfect strike. This type of balls are not recommended for beginners as they need to learn how to throw the ball straight.

Best Cheap/Budget Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Bowling is game that can be enjoyed by people of any age and group. So there are some bowlers who are actually passionate about the game but don’t want to take the game seriously. These types of bowlers want to own a bowling ball rather using any bowling ball that just kept beside and also wants to clear the pins without clearing out the bank balance. So, if the above description is best fit for you, then Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is the best bowling ball for you. This is the best budget bowling ball that I have seen so far.

Ebonite Maxim comes with a hard polyester Cover stock. Among all the coverstock materials, polyester coverstock is the cheapest material you will find because it is cheaper to create then most of the reactive materBest Cheap bowling Ballials. But wait, just because the material is cheap doesn’t mean that the bowling ball will perform worst. Rather the hard polyester material used in this ball gives it more durability, dependably and longevity. Another great feature of this bowling ball is that, it creates less friction, so typically this bowling ball is a low hook potential ball and best suited for anyone who is still working on improving the game. This bowling ball is the best fit for anyone who wants to get their own bowling ball for practice at a minimal investment.

For those who bowl in a league or any other form of competitions may require having various types of balls to handle different situations. Buying various types of bowling balls is actually a costly thing and someone who is actually working on budget may find it very difficult. So, for the budget bowlers, if you want to own a bowling ball that workbest deals of bowling balls
s well in most lane conditions, then Ebonite Maxim is the best bowling ball for you. The low hook potential of this ball will work fine on any oil pattern of the lane. These types of balls are also great for dry lanes. So, forget about the greases, grab your pair of Best Bowling Shoes and concentrate on your throwing to throw the perfect strike.

Best Rubberized Bowling Ball

Champion Sports 3-Pounds Plastic Rubberized

Some people actually prefer to build their own bowling room at garage or backyards rather than going in the bowling alleys.  So if you are looking for the best bowling ball for home practice then Champion Sports 3-Pounds Plastic Rubberized Bowling Ball is the best fit for you. The best part for using this bowling ball is that, you don’t have to worry about the heavy ball weight that may damage your surroundings. Also, this ball is perfect for teaching children before let them step into the lanes.

Bowling at home with kids with any traditional bowling ball is very risky, as they can hurt thembest bowling balls for home practiceselves, someone else or may damage the surrounding while throwing the ball. That is why this light weight ball is the perfect bowling ball for home practicing. Champion Sports 3-Pounds Plastic Rubberized is not hard like other bowling balls, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the fence and damaging the surroundings.

You will not get the actual feel of the traditional bowling balls, but it will help you to show your kids how to hold the bowling ball and also help you to practice at home at ease to perfect your game.  Unlike other custom bowling balls that need to be drilled for whoever is using. But Champion Sports 3-Pounds Plastic Rubberized bowling ball doesn’t need to be drilled, because it is already drilled with standard figure configuration.  The holes are designed to work on allbest deals of bowling balls ages so that kids as well as adults may throw it comfortably. This bowling ball weights around three pounds so, it is heavy enough to give the user a basic idea about the weight of traditional bowling balls whilst keeping the ball light to throw without any struggle.

So that you know about the best bowling balls and best bowling shoes. Now its time to buy the best bowling ball bag and hit the bowling ally.

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