Bowling Bag Checklist

What Every Bowling Bag Should Have

The bowling ball bag is also known as the Survival Kit for every bowler out there. Most of the people just carry their best pair of bowling shoes, a couple of bowling balls and some sort of towels for cleaning the bowling ball surface. Without the right supplies, you may lose focus on the game.

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So apart for keeping the bowling balls and shoes in the bag, there are some other essential accessories that should be kept in the bowling bag. So you should stack up your bowling ball bag with the must have bowling accessories.

Bowling Accessories Checklist:

It’s better to keep some or all of the bowling accessories that I have mentioned below. I have ranked the list based on top priority to low priority.

Bowling Towel: Bowling towel helps to remove the unwanted dirt and oil from the bowling ball surface. A microfiber cloth can be used to get the best result.

Grip Tape: Grip tape is essential as it helps the thumb to come out from the bowling ball. It also helps to eliminate the premature slip outs.

Skin Patches: Even if any bowler has the perfect fit bowling ball, they may even encounter blisters. Blisters are very painful. Skin patches can save your raw skin from blisters and raw spots.

Bowling Wrist Support: This will help the bowling hand from tilting or collapsing at the time of releasing the ball.
Grip Sac: This will help the bowler’s hand to stay dry. So that the bowling hand will not slip.

Slide Powder: The success of bowling depends on the perfect slide. Applying it on the sliding shoes will definitely help the bowler to slide smoothly.

Shoe Brush: If you are feeling that your shoe is sticking with the floor, then applying shoe brush in the sole will help you to get back on the track.

Besides these there are some other accessories that are mentioned below:
• Score Card and Pen
• Scissors
• Metal nail file to remove or add tape
• Liquid bandage in case you get a cut on your thumb or fingers
• Accessory carrying case

Creating your own Bowling Room| Here is how you can build it easily

Creating your own Bowling Room| Here is how you can build it easily.


If you are a serious bowler, and your passion for bowling is getting higher day by day. Then you may think about creating your very own Bowling Room. The major advantage of having your very own bowling room is that each and every aspect of the room is customized according to your specification.  And there is nothing like enjoying the sport in your very own place.


First essential element for building your dream Bowling Room is place. If you have any room, that you hardly use, then you can use that room as a Bowling Room. All you need to do is just redecorate the room. Most of the houses have basement that are filled with stuffs with no significance. Just get those stuffs out of the basement, revamp the place to make your dream Bowling Room into reality. But to do so, you need the following suppliesbowling lane.

  1. Cement Filler
  2. Cement Glue
  3. Netting
  4. Moisture Barrier
  5. Wood Glue
  6. Saw
  7. High Gloss Polyurethane
  8. Foam Pool
  9. Floor Planks
  10. Sandpaper


Once you get those supplies, you can start building your Bowling Room. But throughout the process, you should consider the following things:


Bowling Lane: To have the perfect bowling lane, at first you need to determine the right place for it.  You also need to give a level foundation to even up the surface on which you want to create the bowling lane.  Then you need to buy tongue and groove boards to get started.


Moisture Barrier: You need a moisture barrier to keep the surface dry. Before placing the lane, the area should be covered by the moisture barrier. The main reason for placing the moisture barrier is to restrict the moisture from getting on the surface.


Quality Wood Planks: To build a superb bowling room, you must make sure that the quality of the wood planks are at its best. You need to lay the woods together and make sure that it doesn’t snaps. Also, wood glue should be used properly so that the rows of woods stay together. There should not be any space between the woods. Otherwise the lane will not be even. To give the final touch to the bowling lane, the wood planks should be covered with high gloss polyurethane.


Add netting: If you don’t want your Bowling Ball and Pins getting scattered all over the room, then you should consider placing a netting. The netting should be placed at the end of the lane. A foam pool can be used as it will act as the make shift gutters that runs alongside the lane. This will hold your bowling ball from struck, damage and even getting lost.


Finishing touch: Adding high gloss polyurethane will give the lane a superb finish touch. If the finishing touch is not proper, then the movement of the bowling ball will be badly affected. So you have to pay a very close attention to the finishing touch.  Last but the most important thing is that, if you want to give your bowling room a professional look, then you have to pay a close attention to the measurements.


Once your Bowling Room is built, now it’s time to put on your Bowling Shoes, pick up your Bowling Ball and other Bowling Accessories and strike.


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