How to Take Care of Bowling Shoes

How You Can Take Good Care of Your Bowling Shoes

Just like any pair of shoes, bowling shoes has tear and wear over time. Shoes absorb all the pressure of your body. At the time of sliding, all the pressure goes to the sliding shoe and with the course of time, the sole get flatten. If you don’t take proper care then the friction of your shoes will increase and it will become more difficult to slide. Things can become worst. If you don’t clean the sole for a long time then you may stick on the approach and you may find your face covered in oil (if you are a serious bowler than you will understand what I mean).

So how to overcome this problem? Very simple. Get a wire brush. And gently scrap the sole of your shoe. By doing this you will add life to the material. But don’t scrape to hard or it will do harm to the bowling shoe instead of care.  By doing this it will take away some of the friction and make it fluffier. Once it become fluffier than before, you are good to bowl again. The more you take care of your shoes, the longer they will last.

It’s better to use wire brush. If you don’t have one you can use semi-abrasive items. Some bowlers use fingernails instead of wire brush. But when it gets too bad, then you will need to replace the sole or you may consider buying another pair of bowling shoes. So if you want to buy one, you may want to know how to find the best bowling shoes that is perfect for you.

bowling shoes care

Here are some tips, if you follow them then your bowling shoes will last for a long period of time.

  • Always put your shoes neatly in your bag. Never crash your shoes or it will lose its shape.
  • Always store your bowling shoes in a cool and dry place.
  • At the time of bowling, your feet may sweat. Always disinfect your bowling shoes from inside after bowling.
  • Never go outside or in the bathroom wearing your bowling shoes.
  • Untie your shoe laces at the time of removing shoes.
  • Always wear protective shoe covers at the time of leaving the players area.
  • Always use a wire brush or bristle brush to clean your shoes.
  • Never let your bowling shoes get wet. If it gets wet then let it dry first. Then use a bristle brush to revive the affected area.

It is very difficult to find the best bowling shoes. Once you buy your favorite pair of shoes, do take proper care of your bowling shoes. By taking good care of your shoes, it will remain as good as new for a long time. And your performance will be up to the mark.

Below you will find some essential bowling accessories. This will not just take care of your best bowling shoes or bowling balls but also it will increase the longevity of your bowling gears.

Shoe Brush
Buying a pair of bowling shoes is considered as an investment. Everyone wants to safeguard their investments while getting a good return. Therefore shoe brushes are essential for keeping the sole of the bowling shoes into best condition. By using a shoe brush to clean the soles, a bowler will feel the difference in sliding.
Click the image below to get the best bowling shoes brush to for cleaning the sole of your shoes to keep it in great condition.

Shoe Covers
If you own a pair of bowling shoes, you may want to protect it from the offensive elements not only in the bowling center, but also outside of the bowling center. Below you will find the best bowling shoes cover.

See Saw
If you want to protect your favorite bowling ball inside and outside the bag. Then click the image below to know more about the best Microfiber See Saw. It works with all cover stocks and helps to bring a great shine to your favorite bowling ball.


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