Tips to Improve Bowling Performance

Bowling Game Improvement Tips

If you are wondering about how to improve your bowling game, here are some tips just for you. By following this tips, you can easily improve your bowling skills and stay ahead of the game.


Use the right equipment

Like any other sports, the right equipment can improve your performance. In bowling game, you have to find the perfect bowling ball. Make sure to try out as many balls as you can to find out the perfect one that has the perfect weight and finger grip for you. Also another one important equipment is bowling shoes. If you want to know about how to find the best bowling shoes by paying less, you can read it here.


Practice makes a bowler perfect

To improve your bowling skills you need to make sure that you are bowling at least once or twice a week. Joining a league would be the best option, as it will be very economical and there is a good opportunity to learn new things from the most experienced players.


Try visualizing and analyzing your shots

Visualize your shots and movement of the ball before you do them. What you think is basically what you do. If your ball goes continuously to left, then try bowling a little bit further to right. Learn to feel when you have bowled a good ball. If possible try to write it down and keep it for future reference.


Let the ball roll

Practice how to roll the ball. Don’t just throw the ball away. In bowling game, a ball should never be thrown away. Rather it should be rolled. A thrown ball will land with a loud sound and then it will slide a few feet before it starts to roll. Rolling balls hit more pins than a throwing one. So if you think that you always throw the ball, then time has come to change the habit. Slow down, take one or two deep breath before bowling and give full concentration on releasing the ball. By practicing this technique you will improve your bowling skills for sure.

watch the ball rolling
Always keep your eyes in the ball

Practice your approach without throwing the ball

Professional bowlers usually use a 5-step approach. But for beginners 4-step approach will be much better. Try to practice the approach without throwing the ball. By doing so you can add perfection to your approach. Keep a constant pace with your with smooth swing arm, square shoulders to the front and head up.


Always try to practice these techniques on a regular basis. Make a habit of practicing these. By practicing the above mentioned bowling techniques, within a short period of time you will find yourself that, your bowling skills has been improve greatly.

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