7 Things You Should Know About Bowling

Essential Bowling Tips That Every Bowler Should Know

There are some things that are counted as common Knowledge. But the fact is that, there are certain things that are needed to be learned first. In order to bowl perfectly and enjoy the game at its best, there are some aspects that every bowler must know. Here are seven of the most crucial things that each and every bowler should know.

bowling tips

  1. Choosing the Perfect Bowling Ball for You

Most of the bowlers doesn’t even care about choosing the bowling ball. Bowling alley has many bowling balls to choose from. But if you are more serious about bowling, then you will want to have your own bowling ball. So how to know which is the perfect bowling ball for you? Based on the weight, cover stock and customized drilling pattern based on your hand shape you can choose the best bowling ball for you to improve your bowling performance instantly.


  1. Know How to Hold a Bowling Ball Correctly

Holding and throwing a bowling ball with improper grip may cause injury to your fingers. Also it is a great obstacle to improve your bowling performance. Bowling Balls are heavy and it is very important to hold it right way. In order to hold the bowling ball correctly, you need to insert your thumb into the thumb hole. Next, insert your ring and middle fingers into the other holes. The ball should feel protected in your hand.


  1. Bowling Ball Cover Stocks

Cover Stocks are the outer surface of the bowling ball. There are different types of cover stocks and each cover stock is designed to server different purposes. Many bowlers keeps various type of bowling balls with them to keep prepared for any shot required to make. Cover Stocks can be made of plastics, reactive-resin, urethane etc. Each one has its own benefit and drawback. It is important to know the proper use of cover stocks to become a good bowler.

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  1. Learn How to Score in Bowling Game

In most of the bowling alley, machines keep the bowling score. But it is important to know how to do the scoring. Being able to keep the score will help the bowler to plan the strategy and action plan in order to achieve a certain score. It will be confusing to keep the score at first, but after a certain period it will become a habit.


  1. Wearing the Best Bowling Shoes

Why do bowlers use bowling shoes instead of regular shoes? Bowling shoes are essential to improve the performance of the game. Also it is crucial for the maintenance of the bowling lanes as well as safety for the bowlers. Without the right pair of bowling shoes, it will not possible to get the perfect amount of slide. It is very crucial to wear bowling shoes. So every bowler must learn how to choose the best bowling shoes.


  1. Numbering of the Bowling Pins

The bowling pins are numbered from 1 to 10. These pins are arranged in a triangle. It is very important to know about the pin rack and pin numbers.

bowling pin number
Numbering of the bowling pins
  1. Learn More about the Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are created to hit by heavy bowling balls. In order to become a serious bowler, one must learn the life span of the bowling pins. How long a set of bowling pin can continue? How many sets of bowling pins should be kept in stock in the bowling alley and how often they are changed? By knowing this, a bowler will definitely get an advantage in bowling.


The above mentioned tips are discussed in brief. Any serious bowler will get the zest idea and can improve the bowling skills by following them.

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