Bowling Myths

Most Common Myths about Bowling: Truth Explained

The word Myth means traditional or a legendary story or study. The word has been derived from the Greek word MYTHOS. Which means “story”. Most myths has a presence of truth on them. And in Bowling Game it is not different. Here are some common myths in bowling and the full truth is explained next to it.


Bowling Myth: Hitting the head pin will give you a guaranteed strike

Most of the people will tell you to hit the head pin and it will do the rest. But if you ever bowled a single game, you will know that this is not true. Knocking out the head pin is a very difficult task. But if you try to hit the head pin first then you may not be able to knock down other pins. There are several angels to hit for a perfect strike. So hitting the head pin directly doesn’t guarantee you a strike.


Bowling Myths: You can buy yourself a better game

Some people thinks that by buying the latest equipment you can improve bowling performance overnight. Ask yourself, can you really improve your bowling game just by buying the best bowling shoes or the perfect bowling ball? How the best bowling shoes will perfect your approach if you don’t know how to do it. Is it possible for a bowling ball to make you a perfect striker? Only thing that can improve your game is by practice. Having the best bowling shoes or other good equipment will act as a radiant for improving your game once you know the basics.dollars


Bowling Myth: The bowler with the most bowling ball is the best bowler

There is a common myth in the bowling alley is that, the bowler with the most bowling ball is counted as the best bowler. Bowling balls has nothing to do with making the bowler best. It’s the skill of the bowler to control the ball that makes him the best bowler. Having a good bowling ball certainly have some advantage. But it’s the bowler who can make him the best bowler not because of the bowling balls, but because of his performance.bowling myths about bowling ball


Bowling Myth: A 16-pound ball should be used

In any level of bowling, the maximum allowable weight of a bowling ball is 16 pounds (Approx. 7.3 kilo grams). Which is quiet heavy. Many people, especially men with macho mindset use 16 pound bowling ball because of the concept that heavier ball makes it easier to knock out all the pins. In general if you throw a 16 pound bowling ball and a 15 pound bowling ball at the same speed, the impact of the 16 pound will be higher. But the fact is, no matter how heavy or light the ball is. You have to throw it properly. Besides throwing a light weight bowling ball lowers the chance of injury and strain of the body.


Bowling Myth: You Can’t Bowl using your house shoes

Shoes has nothing to do with bowling, But for bowling some special type of shoes are prepared. Therefore wearing the best bowling shoes will help you to bowl properly. That doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a pair of best bowling shoes, then you can’t throw a single ball in the bowling alley.

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