Health Benefits of Bowling

Some of the Spectacular Health Benefits of Bowling

If you think that bowling is a modern game then you will be amazed to know that according to some historians this game has a history of more than 3000 years with a link to Egyptian culture. While some other historians believe that Bowling Game was invented by Germans about 1500 years ago. As long as you are having fun playing the game, there is no need to go backwards for the history of the game.  25% or more U.S. People Plays bowling every year. Which makes bowling the largest participating sports of the country. U.S. has more bowling centers than any other country. So why this game is so popular? Does this sports have any health benefits?

Bowling Game doesn’t mean wearing fancy bowling shoes, or building up your arsenal. It has lots of other health benefits. Let’s find it out:


Weight Loss

In bowling there is no significant movement of the body, right? Then how can it help to lose weight? Well, bowling for a longer period of time show positive results in burning fat. The elusive movement of arms and legs helps in the proper blood circulation. Also the bowling ball is quite heavy. Lifting the ball and throw it over and over again will burn fat from the arm muscle.

Lose Wight by Bowling
Bowling Regularly Helps to Reduce Weight

Cardio Vascular Training

Many reputed authorities of the word has done research on bowling game health benefits and conclude to a point that bowling game helps to improve cardiac health. Bowling has a positive impact on reducing cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure resulting a reduced risk of stroke and heart attack. But to gain this benefit one must go to bowling alley at least once in a week and bowl for quite a few time. So, what are you waiting for, grab your pair of best bowling shoes, bag your bowling balls and hit the bowling alley.


Muscle Toning and Strength Training

In bowling game, a lot of walking needs to be done, therefore bowling helps to tone lower body muscles. Not only that, in bowling, the use of arm is extensive as the bowler have to lift the ball, which is quite heavy and then position it in the right way and finally after few steps he have to throw it on the pins. So by bowling regularly, one can easily bring a good shape to his body and can tone his body muscles.


Enjoyable Social Life

Bowling can help people to make new friends. According to a statistics of Bowling Foundation of America, approximately 2 million bowlers play bowling together in leagues and socialize each week. Besides bowling alleys is a wonderful place to meet new people or even find a date. Also bowling with friends makes the time more enjoyable.


Stress Reliever

Many people go to bowling alleys to reduce the stress of day to day life. Bowling requires intensive physical activity and it helps to reduce the stress of the body. Besides bowling helps to socialize with people during the game. It’s also acts as a mental stress reducer.


Improves Concentration

In the game of bowling, throwing the ball and hitting the pins required a good amount of hand to eye coordination. Therefore it will definitely improve your concentration level. So improving your bowling performance will definitely increase your concentration as well as hand and eye coordination.


Bowling is a sport that can be played by people of any age and gender, making it an ideal game for spending quality time with full family. As this game is not that much physical as football or basketball, even old people can play this game with you.  It is very clear that, based on the above mentioned health benefits, we can easily understand the reason why bowing is so popular in U.S.A.  So why are you waiting for? Grab your pair of best bowling shoes, wear a casual dress and hit the bowling alley. If you don’t have a pair of bowling shoes, you may choose one from these Cheap Bowling Shoes.

Best Bowling Shoes for Men

What to Look for When Buying the Best Bowling Shoes for Men

Usually the surface of the bowling alley is slippery. Bowling shoes are made of rubber bottom, which gives its wearer a traction and this is the most common thing in almost every bowling shoes. Most of the Mens prefer buying their own bowling shoes rather than renting just because of the monetary benefit and they are smart. But when it comes to choose the bowling shoes for men or women, the most important thing is the perfect shoe size, next important thing is the features of the shoes.

Mens bowling shoes can be purchased from big departmental stores, sporting goods store and also from the bowling alley. Many bowling alleys sell bowling shoes for men as well as renting them. You can also buy bowling shoes online from some large e-commerce stores such as Amazon.

 bowling shoes for men

Mens Bowling Shoes Styles

Bowling shoes for men has usually two major styles. Performance Bowling shoes and Athletic Bowling Shoes. Performance bowling shoes are made especially for improving the bowling performance. Aesthetical aspects have little influence while designing these performance bowling shoes. Whereas athletics shoes are designed with a sporty looks just like tennis shoes or running shoes. However Athletic Bowling Shoes for Men still has a rubber bottom to give proper support at the bowling lanes.

Performance Bowling Shoes for Men

Competitive bowling shoes is the alternative name   of the performance bowling shoes. Most of the professional bowlers prefers to wear performance bowling shoes as they know that this is the best option to take their bowling performance to the next level. Performance Bowling Shoes for men are often referred as retro or vintage. If you are a serious bowler then the best bowling shoes for you will be the performance bowling shoes.


Athletic Bowling Shoes for Men

Athletic bowling shoes are designed for bowling with a consideration of casual looks in mind. After wearing athletic bowling shoes, the shoes looks like the sneaker. Some casual shoes have a sliding shoes in both feet rather than one. Athletic bowling shoes are the best bowling shoes for those who loves to bowl casually or occasionally.


Finding the Right Fit

Bowling shoes fit is very important. Most of the bowlers prefer to use regular fit bowling shoes. But if the wearer’s feet is wide then a Wide Width Bowling Shoes will the best option. Most of the manufacturers make bowling shoes in a variety of widths. But the no one likes a bowling shoe too tight or loose. If the shoes doesn’t fit perfectly then it can make you off balance and also it can make a negative impact on the game.  Read this article to find the proper size of your shoes.


Other Features to Look while Buying the Best Bowling Shoes for Men

If you keep the above mentioned points aside, there are some other things that should be considered while buying a bowling shoes for men. Men’s taste of color and style is different from women. And most of the Men weights heavier than woman. Therefore the finishing of Mens Bowling Shoes must be strong. Also many bowling shoes are made of cushioned insoles and also have padded lining and collar for extra added comfort. Having these features will not just give you comfort but also it will add stability to your game by minimizing the movement of the foot inside of the shoes. Some bowling shoes have breathable upper for maximum comfort and keeping the foot cool.  So make sure to look for these features while choosing the best bowling shoes for Men.

Finding the perfect bowling shoes for men depends on the style preference, size fit, color preference, craziness about the game and most importantly budget. If you are low on budget then you can easily choose a good one from these Cheap Bowling Shoes. Once you have bought your favorite pair of bowling shoes, it is important to take care of your bowling shoes.

Bowling Myths

Most Common Myths about Bowling: Truth Explained

The word Myth means traditional or a legendary story or study. The word has been derived from the Greek word MYTHOS. Which means “story”. Most myths has a presence of truth on them. And in Bowling Game it is not different. Here are some common myths in bowling and the full truth is explained next to it.


Bowling Myth: Hitting the head pin will give you a guaranteed strike

Most of the people will tell you to hit the head pin and it will do the rest. But if you ever bowled a single game, you will know that this is not true. Knocking out the head pin is a very difficult task. But if you try to hit the head pin first then you may not be able to knock down other pins. There are several angels to hit for a perfect strike. So hitting the head pin directly doesn’t guarantee you a strike.


Bowling Myths: You can buy yourself a better game

Some people thinks that by buying the latest equipment you can improve bowling performance overnight. Ask yourself, can you really improve your bowling game just by buying the best bowling shoes or the perfect bowling ball? How the best bowling shoes will perfect your approach if you don’t know how to do it. Is it possible for a bowling ball to make you a perfect striker? Only thing that can improve your game is by practice. Having the best bowling shoes or other good equipment will act as a radiant for improving your game once you know the basics.dollars


Bowling Myth: The bowler with the most bowling ball is the best bowler

There is a common myth in the bowling alley is that, the bowler with the most bowling ball is counted as the best bowler. Bowling balls has nothing to do with making the bowler best. It’s the skill of the bowler to control the ball that makes him the best bowler. Having a good bowling ball certainly have some advantage. But it’s the bowler who can make him the best bowler not because of the bowling balls, but because of his performance.bowling myths about bowling ball


Bowling Myth: A 16-pound ball should be used

In any level of bowling, the maximum allowable weight of a bowling ball is 16 pounds (Approx. 7.3 kilo grams). Which is quiet heavy. Many people, especially men with macho mindset use 16 pound bowling ball because of the concept that heavier ball makes it easier to knock out all the pins. In general if you throw a 16 pound bowling ball and a 15 pound bowling ball at the same speed, the impact of the 16 pound will be higher. But the fact is, no matter how heavy or light the ball is. You have to throw it properly. Besides throwing a light weight bowling ball lowers the chance of injury and strain of the body.


Bowling Myth: You Can’t Bowl using your house shoes

Shoes has nothing to do with bowling, But for bowling some special type of shoes are prepared. Therefore wearing the best bowling shoes will help you to bowl properly. That doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a pair of best bowling shoes, then you can’t throw a single ball in the bowling alley.

Reasons to Buy Your Own Bowling Shoes

After reading this, you will never want to rent bowling shoes again


The interesting thing about bowling is that, when you go to bowling you pay a few dollars for couple of games and also a few dollars to rent shoes if you don’t have your own. But you can use a bowling ball from the rack for free. If you have never bought any bowling shoes before then you may find it very difficult to find the best bowling shoes. But why do you even have to buy your own pair of bowling shoes when you can rent it from the bowling alley? Below I am mentioning few tips that will help you to decide if you want your very own pair of one of the best bowling shoes or you are more than happy to rent shoes from the bowling alley.


Keep Yourself Clean

The bowling alleys say that they keep their rental shoes as much clean as possible. But thin

dirty shoes
A pair of dirty shoes

k yourself about the fact that, how much clean you can keep a shoe that is worn several times a day by several persons. But if you have your own pair of shoes, then you are the only person to wear them. There is no doubt about the cleanliness of the shoes. In the movie “Uncle Buck”, the stubborn teen mentions rental bowling shoes as “Rent a foot Disease”. So you can easily understand that it is better to have your own bowling shoes if you want to maintain cleanliness. Still confused to buy one? Try these cheap bowling shoes before buying the pro or best bowling shoes for ultimate performance.


Reduce Your Chance of Tripping

Without proper fit shoes, you increase your chance of tripping over yourself and cause minor or serious injuries. Also your feet may hurt just because of improper fit shoes. Bowling centers have various numbers of shoes for rental. But are those numbers accurate? Because these shoes are worn by hundreds of people for weeks or even years. So you should buy a pair of bowling shoes with the best fit. Also keep in mind that a great shoe fit helps you to give more concentration to your game rather than worrying about tripping. If you want to find the best bowling shoes that just fits perfectly, read this article about how to measure your feet to find the perfect size.


Eliminate Inconveniences

If you don’t have your own pair of bowling shoes, then you will have to go to the counter, try three or four different sizes of shoes to find a pair that fits closely to your size. Besides if you rent shoes from the alley then you will have to give your shoes as collateral. These are minor inconveniences but add them all up over a time then you will understand how much convenient it is to owing your own pair of shoes.


Monetary Benefit

Most of the bowling centers charge approximately $4 – $5 to rent shoes. Now look backwards the calendar and count how many times you rented shoes from the bowling alley last year. Suppose you rented shoes for 10 times in past 6 months and paid around $40 for renting shoes. Whereas you can buy a pair of good yet cheap bowling shoes for less than $30. Why wait choose from one of the best bowling shoes and buy them now. They will save money for the rest of your life.

dollars savings
Don’t spend your money on renting shoes


Imagine, you are used to rent bowling shoes. But now you have your very own pair of bowling shoes. What will happen when you go to bowling with your very own shoes? Once you enter in the bowling center and you will directly go to the lane. When the person at the counter asks you about renting shoes, your answer will be “No”. Ridiculous, but you will have a lot of fun for first few days.


Bowling is fun. And when you have your very own pair of best bowling shoes with you, you will enjoy the game even more. So, if you have decided to buy a pair of bowling shoes for you. Make sure to find the right fit and also take care of your shoes properly so that they can serve your purpose better for a longer period of time.


7 Things You Should Know About Bowling

Essential Bowling Tips That Every Bowler Should Know

There are some things that are counted as common Knowledge. But the fact is that, there are certain things that are needed to be learned first. In order to bowl perfectly and enjoy the game at its best, there are some aspects that every bowler must know. Here are seven of the most crucial things that each and every bowler should know.

bowling tips

  1. Choosing the Perfect Bowling Ball for You

Most of the bowlers doesn’t even care about choosing the bowling ball. Bowling alley has many bowling balls to choose from. But if you are more serious about bowling, then you will want to have your own bowling ball. So how to know which is the perfect bowling ball for you? Based on the weight, cover stock and customized drilling pattern based on your hand shape you can choose the best bowling ball for you to improve your bowling performance instantly.


  1. Know How to Hold a Bowling Ball Correctly

Holding and throwing a bowling ball with improper grip may cause injury to your fingers. Also it is a great obstacle to improve your bowling performance. Bowling Balls are heavy and it is very important to hold it right way. In order to hold the bowling ball correctly, you need to insert your thumb into the thumb hole. Next, insert your ring and middle fingers into the other holes. The ball should feel protected in your hand.


  1. Bowling Ball Cover Stocks

Cover Stocks are the outer surface of the bowling ball. There are different types of cover stocks and each cover stock is designed to server different purposes. Many bowlers keeps various type of bowling balls with them to keep prepared for any shot required to make. Cover Stocks can be made of plastics, reactive-resin, urethane etc. Each one has its own benefit and drawback. It is important to know the proper use of cover stocks to become a good bowler.

bowling balls

  1. Learn How to Score in Bowling Game

In most of the bowling alley, machines keep the bowling score. But it is important to know how to do the scoring. Being able to keep the score will help the bowler to plan the strategy and action plan in order to achieve a certain score. It will be confusing to keep the score at first, but after a certain period it will become a habit.


  1. Wearing the Best Bowling Shoes

Why do bowlers use bowling shoes instead of regular shoes? Bowling shoes are essential to improve the performance of the game. Also it is crucial for the maintenance of the bowling lanes as well as safety for the bowlers. Without the right pair of bowling shoes, it will not possible to get the perfect amount of slide. It is very crucial to wear bowling shoes. So every bowler must learn how to choose the best bowling shoes.


  1. Numbering of the Bowling Pins

The bowling pins are numbered from 1 to 10. These pins are arranged in a triangle. It is very important to know about the pin rack and pin numbers.

bowling pin number
Numbering of the bowling pins
  1. Learn More about the Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are created to hit by heavy bowling balls. In order to become a serious bowler, one must learn the life span of the bowling pins. How long a set of bowling pin can continue? How many sets of bowling pins should be kept in stock in the bowling alley and how often they are changed? By knowing this, a bowler will definitely get an advantage in bowling.


The above mentioned tips are discussed in brief. Any serious bowler will get the zest idea and can improve the bowling skills by following them.

How to Bowl a Perfect Strike

Bowling Strikes- Tips for bowling the perfect strike


Either you are a casual bowler or a serious bowler, there is nothing like seeing all those ten pins disappearing from the bowling lane. You have tried by your heart and soul to improve your bowling performance. You have joined a league and also bought your own pair of bowling shoes from the best brands. But still you are not winning the game. Sad… isn’t it?

If you are trying to upgrade your bowling skills. Did a lot of readings, practice and took advice from senior players who bowl strike frequently. But still you are struggling to get a strike, then these tips will definitely help you to increase your bowling performance as well as bowl the perfect strike.


Finding Your Perfect Starting Position

It is very important to note down your starting position to find out the best starting position for you. To find your strike ball, you need to find your start position first.  Start by lining your left shoe with the middle point or dot on the approach. Based on your bowling style, place your right foot one wherever you find comfort. If you are left handed bowler just do the opposite things.


Be flexible

Be flexible, as you may bowl in different lanes. Why? Because bowling lanes are oiled and the amount of oil spread in one lane is different from another. Changes in oil pattern will cause break in your ball differently. So prepare yourself for different approaches.


Find the target Spot and Keep Your Focus

The key to a consistent strike is to find your target spot. The goal is to have your ball roll directly towards the target spot. This spot is usually a straight line between one-pin and three-pin. For the lefty bowlers, it’s between one-pin and two-pin. Your pins are your target but don’t use your full focus on them. Try to throw your ball on the outer side lane as it will give your more traction down the entire lane because most of the oils are spread over in the middle lane.


Choose a Lighter BallBowling a Strike

It is very fun to see pins flying in the air when a heavy bowl hits the pins hard. But if you want to bowl a perfect strike consistently then consider using a lighter ball. Bowling strike is much more rewarding then sho
wing up strength by using an 18 pound ball. Many pro bowlers have started using 14.5 to 15 pound balls. Why?? Because it is easy to bowl a strike with a lighter ball.


Make Adjustments in Your Approach

Just before the foul line, there are 3 lane of dots that parallel the lane. Use one of these dots to line up your approach. The one you will chose will be determined by the number of steps you will take before releasing the ball. Over time you will find your best striking position.  Just keep your focus and practice. Over time you will realize what needs to be adjusted. If you are missing left, start from a bit left on your approach. Move right, if you’re missing right. Try it, you will surely get your striking ball.


Monitor Your Shot

Note down whatever happens. Either you hit the pocket, you miss left or right. Note down by how much distance you missed. Pay closer attention to the movement of your ball and note it down too.  By taking notes you will know what to adjust and what not. Soon you will find your striking ball.


Use of Power Step!

The second-to-last step in your approach is your power step. This step allows your body to leverage your arm swing with an added momentum by giving you a stronger release of the bowling ball. If you are left handed, your power step will be your left foot. And if you are right handed, your right foot is your power step. Your power step leg must have a nice bend so that it can help you to slide. What out, or you may cross the foul line. Make sure that you wear your pair of best bowling shoes to get the perfect amount of slide. You can find a list of best cheap bowling shoes here.

bowling ball releasing
Release the ball at the bottom point of the swing

Use your Downward Swing

At the time of your back

swing, keep your arm straight and close to the body. Your hand should stay at your shoulder level.

While releasing the ball you have to know the proper time. If you release too early, you will lose velocity. And if you release late, it will cause the ball to bounce. Always try to release the ball at the bottom point of the swing.


Curve the Ball

To bowl strikes, you have to hit the pocket. To do it effectively you need to learn how to curve the ball. It usually takes time and a lot of practice to curve the ball effectively. Here are some tips: If you are a right handed bowler, rotate your thumbs like 10’ O’clock position at the time of releasing the ball. Make sure you release the ball at the bottom of your down swing. If you are a left handed bowler, rotate your thumb just opposite of 10 O’clock position, i.e. 2 O’clock position. This will give a spin to curve the ball.


Practice Makes a Bowler Perfect

You may have to throw the same ball several times to find your perfect striking ball. The more balls you throw, the better understand you will have. Always practice and take note of your game. Don’t rush have keep patience.


If you follow the tips, it will surely improve your bowling performance as well as striking more frequently to win your game and become a pro bowler.


Tips to Improve Bowling Performance

Bowling Game Improvement Tips

If you are wondering about how to improve your bowling game, here are some tips just for you. By following this tips, you can easily improve your bowling skills and stay ahead of the game.


Use the right equipment

Like any other sports, the right equipment can improve your performance. In bowling game, you have to find the perfect bowling ball. Make sure to try out as many balls as you can to find out the perfect one that has the perfect weight and finger grip for you. Also another one important equipment is bowling shoes. If you want to know about how to find the best bowling shoes by paying less, you can read it here.


Practice makes a bowler perfect

To improve your bowling skills you need to make sure that you are bowling at least once or twice a week. Joining a league would be the best option, as it will be very economical and there is a good opportunity to learn new things from the most experienced players.


Try visualizing and analyzing your shots

Visualize your shots and movement of the ball before you do them. What you think is basically what you do. If your ball goes continuously to left, then try bowling a little bit further to right. Learn to feel when you have bowled a good ball. If possible try to write it down and keep it for future reference.


Let the ball roll

Practice how to roll the ball. Don’t just throw the ball away. In bowling game, a ball should never be thrown away. Rather it should be rolled. A thrown ball will land with a loud sound and then it will slide a few feet before it starts to roll. Rolling balls hit more pins than a throwing one. So if you think that you always throw the ball, then time has come to change the habit. Slow down, take one or two deep breath before bowling and give full concentration on releasing the ball. By practicing this technique you will improve your bowling skills for sure.

watch the ball rolling
Always keep your eyes in the ball

Practice your approach without throwing the ball

Professional bowlers usually use a 5-step approach. But for beginners 4-step approach will be much better. Try to practice the approach without throwing the ball. By doing so you can add perfection to your approach. Keep a constant pace with your with smooth swing arm, square shoulders to the front and head up.


Always try to practice these techniques on a regular basis. Make a habit of practicing these. By practicing the above mentioned bowling techniques, within a short period of time you will find yourself that, your bowling skills has been improve greatly.

How to Take Care of Bowling Shoes

How You Can Take Good Care of Your Bowling Shoes

Just like any pair of shoes, bowling shoes has tear and wear over time. Shoes absorb all the pressure of your body. At the time of sliding, all the pressure goes to the sliding shoe and with the course of time, the sole get flatten. If you don’t take proper care then the friction of your shoes will increase and it will become more difficult to slide. Things can become worst. If you don’t clean the sole for a long time then you may stick on the approach and you may find your face covered in oil (if you are a serious bowler than you will understand what I mean).

So how to overcome this problem? Very simple. Get a wire brush. And gently scrap the sole of your shoe. By doing this you will add life to the material. But don’t scrape to hard or it will do harm to the bowling shoe instead of care.  By doing this it will take away some of the friction and make it fluffier. Once it become fluffier than before, you are good to bowl again. The more you take care of your shoes, the longer they will last.

It’s better to use wire brush. If you don’t have one you can use semi-abrasive items. Some bowlers use fingernails instead of wire brush. But when it gets too bad, then you will need to replace the sole or you may consider buying another pair of bowling shoes. So if you want to buy one, you may want to know how to find the best bowling shoes that is perfect for you.

bowling shoes care

Here are some tips, if you follow them then your bowling shoes will last for a long period of time.

  • Always put your shoes neatly in your bag. Never crash your shoes or it will lose its shape.
  • Always store your bowling shoes in a cool and dry place.
  • At the time of bowling, your feet may sweat. Always disinfect your bowling shoes from inside after bowling.
  • Never go outside or in the bathroom wearing your bowling shoes.
  • Untie your shoe laces at the time of removing shoes.
  • Always wear protective shoe covers at the time of leaving the players area.
  • Always use a wire brush or bristle brush to clean your shoes.
  • Never let your bowling shoes get wet. If it gets wet then let it dry first. Then use a bristle brush to revive the affected area.

It is very difficult to find the best bowling shoes. Once you buy your favorite pair of shoes, do take proper care of your bowling shoes. By taking good care of your shoes, it will remain as good as new for a long time. And your performance will be up to the mark.

Below you will find some essential bowling accessories. This will not just take care of your best bowling shoes or bowling balls but also it will increase the longevity of your bowling gears.

Shoe Brush
Buying a pair of bowling shoes is considered as an investment. Everyone wants to safeguard their investments while getting a good return. Therefore shoe brushes are essential for keeping the sole of the bowling shoes into best condition. By using a shoe brush to clean the soles, a bowler will feel the difference in sliding.
Click the image below to get the best bowling shoes brush to for cleaning the sole of your shoes to keep it in great condition.

Shoe Covers
If you own a pair of bowling shoes, you may want to protect it from the offensive elements not only in the bowling center, but also outside of the bowling center. Below you will find the best bowling shoes cover.

See Saw
If you want to protect your favorite bowling ball inside and outside the bag. Then click the image below to know more about the best Microfiber See Saw. It works with all cover stocks and helps to bring a great shine to your favorite bowling ball.


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